solitary: Thoughtful Lonely Young Boy Sitting on the Floor Inside an Isolated Room and Waiting for Hope Against Black Background

More States Need to Limit Solitary Confinement, Which Doesn’t Work

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) approved a resolution in 2016 to limit the use of solitary for young people, urging judges to take leadership positions in the effort. We recently presented to NCJFCJ’s annual conference seeking to highlight the role that judges can and should play in ending solitary. We presented recent reforms in Colorado as proof that success can be achieved.

Woman’s hand touches hand of husband to prison with a cloud sky background. Tags: freedom, love, sacrifice

These Four Faces Free Me From My Prison Walls

I thought that I’d grown into a man knowing exactly what it meant to love someone from your heart. I thought that saying the words “I love you,” like the rest of the world, would be enough to exchange those core emotions with another human being that you’d become attracted to. But what do you think? What is it to love if there’s no deeper significance in just the three words I love you, alone? Does loving someone or something enough set you internally and physically free?