Stressed african-american man holding his head, sitting alone on stairs with notebook and pen.

Making Sense of an Utterly Senseless World

As I try to grapple with the effects of PTSD and other effects of trauma I wanted to paint a very vivid picture of what a soul on fire looks like and feels like. Through poetry I am able to do this, so far after the actual experience of living in hell and chaos.

A Parent Alone in Afghanistan Worries about a Daughter Home Alone

I am currently working in Afghanistan as a contractor after many years of military service. Being a single parent and sole provider has made it difficult to be home for my three daughters. I’m down to my youngest and she’s spiraling out of control. … Is there anything … that could help with unruly children? —  A recent question from a JJIE reader.


Bullying May Cause Long-term Social Anxiety, Study Finds

We all know that bullying is unpleasant, but new findings suggest it could lead to long-term social anxiety for the person being bullied. Recent experiments at Rockefeller University found that consistently bullied mice showed signs of exaggerated anxiety and nervousness around new mice.  They also experienced higher levels of sensitivity to the hormone vasopressin, which controls social behaviors. “The identification of brain neuroendocrine systems that are affected by stress opens the door for possible pharmacological interventions,” Yoav Litvin, the study’s coauthor says. “Additionally, studies have shown that the formation and maintenance of positive social relationships may heal some of the damage of bullying.”

The vasopressin hormone is associated with aggression, stress and anxiety disorders in humans.  Earlier studies suggest that human brains can bounce back given time. You can read the full study here.