As California Youth Crime Plummets, Need For Innovative Re-engagement Strategies Rises

I’ve argued that notions demeaning the “teenage brain,” “adolescent risk,” and “crime-prone youth” are just simplistic adult prejudices with no scientific basis that hamper understanding of the root conditions and individual situations that drive challenges affecting youth. However, youths do deserve singular considerations in the justice system.

storytelling: Microphone, sheets of paper and pen.

Elevating Youth Voices and Storytelling Is Crucial in Our Fight for Change

If people lack a sense of connection to a social issue, it is unlikely they will aid in the fight for change. For this reason, when it comes to vulnerable and underrepresented communities, the need for authentic storytelling and a platform to share their stories is heightened. It is an essential and yet, oftentimes overlooked, step in the process of reform and social change.

California: 4 women, one man sit around round table covered with white tablecloth, notepads, paper

California Program Trains Much-needed Justice-involved Leaders

In July, a group of advocates from across California met in Sacramento, just blocks from the State Capitol, for the Next Generation Fellowship, a six-day leadership development and policy advocacy training for emerging community leaders. Amid differences in age, race/ethnicity and gender, each of the 15 fellows share a powerful connection: They have been directly impacted by the justice system.

California Accomplices to a Felony Shouldn’t Be Sentenced Like the One Who Committed the Murder

The current attempt to amend the felony murder rule in California has been a multiyear effort. This work, like all our work, was borne out of our personal experiences with clients, incarcerated individuals and family members with loved ones serving life sentences under this antiquated doctrine. This rule represented to us an injustice that deserved a remedy.