Hotel and Airline Workers Get Training to Spot Victims of Child Sex Trafficking

Hotel and airline workers are getting trained to spot child sex trafficking, according to Innocents At Risk, a nonprofit focused on fighting child exploitation and human trafficking, is working with Airline Ambassadors International and the Air Transport Association. They have a training program to help flight attendants, hotel desk clerks, cleaning crews and other workers spot children in trouble. Signs of child trafficking include:

The child has few personal items when they board the plane. The child avoids eye contact, looks paranoid, undernourished and behaves in an unusually submissive manner.

Advocacy Group Petitions to Change GA’s Juvenile Code

A national advocacy group is pushing a petition campaign for passage of a new juvenile code in Georgia., a national website that provides daily news and information about social justice issues, is circulating an online petition in support of SB 292. According to the website, 38 people have signed up in support. Among many issues, the state bill focuses on:

Keeping kids tried as adults in juvenile detention centers until they turn 17, rather than putting them in adult prison. (Supporters say this will help protect incarcerated children from being victimized behind bars).