Carefully Designed Internships Create Benefits for Everyone

While we often hear about the challenges in every area of juvenile justice, how often do we hear about the rewards? Perhaps nowhere within “the system” can we find a greater win-win situation for everyone involved than in internship opportunities for post-secondary students.

Leonard Witt

A Good Day for Ryan Schill and Kennesaw State University

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 was a good day for our reporter Ryan Schill, for Kennesaw State University and for me. Wednesday, Schill became a graduate of Kennesaw State and editor John Fleming published Schill's story the Straight Dope on Fake Dope. It's a well written and researched story, and right after we posted it, Youth Today a national newspaper asked to reprint it. Of course, we said yes. For me it was a special day because last semester Schill was in my Advance Media Writing class.