Get Paid to Do Nothing

If you are a community organizer, here is a unique chance to take some paid time off.  The Alston Bannerman Sabbatical Fellowship is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity worth $25,000 for you to take three months off for reflection and renewal.   If you are feeling burned out, this could be a great option. The fellowship is looking for community organizers of color with more than 10 years experience who work in the United States or its territories.  But there are some additional qualifications. They favor applicants whose primary job is grassroots organizing, not advocacy or providing services.  You must take three consecutive months off and not do any of your usual work.  The full list of qualifications and an application can be found here. If you think some paid rest and relaxation could help you do a better job in the future, go ahead and apply.  Applications must be postmarked by April 5, 2011.  Fellows will be selected by the end of July.