Georgia Juvenile Programs Will Lose Big if U.S. House Budget Passes

Georgia will lose $27 million for Head Start, a comprehensive early childhood development program for at-risk children, if the proposed U.S. House budget bill is signed into law, according to a new report by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute.  The cut represents 3,900 seats in the program. The 878,000 low-income kids enrolled in Education for the Disadvantaged programs across Georgia will also lose big.  Those programs will face a $40 million reduction in federal funds. Some programs will lose federal funds altogether.  YouthBuild, a program that gives construction jobs and education to disadvantaged teens is zeroed out in the proposed bill.

MTV’s ‘Skins’: Kiddie Porn or Real Life for Teens?

MTV’s new hit show “Skins” is meant to push boundaries.  But the Parents Television Council is saying the show may be child pornography and they are asking Congress to investigate. The scripted show features real teenagers – ages 15 to 19 – drinking, taking drugs, and having sex.   Executives at MTV are apparently worried enough that they asked the show producers to tone down some explicit content, especially in episode #3, which is set to air on January 31, according to the New York Times. “The Today Show” takes a look at the developing controversy. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy