homeless: Clothes spread out in city gutter.

Youth Homeless Providers Call on New York City Officials For Plan

As a global pandemic looms over New York City, one group in particular might be getting left behind, homeless youth — a vulnerable subset of the general homeless population made up of runaway youth, LGBTQ teens and other young people experiencing homelessness. 

Nothing Will Stop Us From Reporting on the Issues

Since its inception 10 years ago, the mission of the Center for Sustainable Journalism and its New York bureau has always been to go to the frontlines where the issues of justice, inequity and abuses of power of young people are impacting people’s lives the most. Whether it’s on the streets where young people have been beaten by the police. Or when they have been tossed into the gears of an indifferent court system. When the city ignores the pleas of advocates trying to end youth violence or when young people peacefully assemble to call for an end to racist, brutal policies and practices. In the jail cells, where you might end up if you cover these issues long enough. 

The pandemic sweeping the globe has affected the kind of reporting the CSJ and New York Bureau prides itself on.

Covid-19: Rear view of person in black face mask getting temperature checked by forehead

Youth Justice Advocates Urge COVID-19 Fixes for Facilities

As cases of COVID-19 spike across the country, advocates and lawyers for detained juveniles are pushing for changes in the facilities that hold an estimated 43,000 juveniles in custody across the nation.