girls: Artist fingers with brush, doing artwork

Girls in Justice System Need to Express Themselves; We Need to Hear Them

In a society where those behind bars are unqualifiedly perceived as corrupt and deserving of punishment, “I Am the Voice: Girls’ Reflections from Inside the Juvenile System” reminds us that girls are the fastest-growing segment of the juvenile justice system, largely due to the criminalization of their trauma. In order to create effective and sustainable systems reform, we must center the opinions of justice-involved girls who are the experts on their lived experiences.

Lego Children’s Fund Offers Money to Encourage Creativity

The Lego Children’s Fund provides funding to help encourage kids’ creativity and problem solving. This grant offers assistance to programs that help kids from birth to 14 years old. The focus is on disadvantaged kids and special projects to help nurture creativity. Lego Children’s Fund welcomes requests nationwide, but gives preferrential treatment to Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.  Typical awards are between $500-$5,000. Matching funds for qualifying projects or qualifying organizations are also considered.