‘Drop Out Factories’ Decline, Nation Pushes for Graduation Benchmark

Drop out factories. Since coined by a Johns Hopkins researcher working on high school dropout issues in 2004, that’s the name given to schools that lead our nation in dropout rates, graduating less than 60 percent of their students each year. Around the country, half of the more than 1 million students that fail to graduate high school each year come from just 12 percent of the nation’s schools, according to U.S. Department of Education statistics. President Barack Obama, retired General Colin Powell and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, among others, have taken notice. Since 1980, dropout rates around the United States have decreased – and graduation rates are up – but nearly one in four public school students still leave high school without a diploma.

AT&T Offers Grant to Stop the Drop-outs


AT&T is offering a grant to help stop high school kids from dropping out of school. Statistics indicate that one out of three public high school kids don’t graduate. The company’s grant is focused on helping reduce this statistic and help inspire kids to want to graduate. The grant has a rolling deadline.