State Lists Kids Programs that Work

If you’re looking for evidence-based programs that work, the Governor’s Office for Children and Families is providing a list that focuses on kids.  It’s called the Compendium of Best and Promising Programs and Practices for Systems of Care. The programs are listed by result area, strategy and target age.  It has categories for things you might be focused on, such as “Early Childhood” and “Ensuring School Readiness.” Each program lists evidence levels: proven, promising or screened. For the complete Compendium, click here.

Judge Hatchett Keynotes Conference

The Truancy Intervention Project will host a conference sponsored by the Governor’s Office for Children and Families. The event has a long name: Charting the Course: Reinvesting In and Reengaging Georgia’s Youth. The conference runs Oct. 27-29 and features a keynote speech from former Fulton County Juvenile Chief Judge Glenda Hatchett, now star of the “Judge Hatchett Show.” Registration is free, but limited to 200 people. The event is almost half full so sign up here.