The Maximus Charitable Foundation makes Maximum Impact

The Maximus Charitable Foundation is a health and human services grant program. Its motto is to help the government serve the people. The goal is to help disadvantaged individuals achieve self-sufficiency and personal growth, particularly those programs serving kids.  The grant amounts vary. The deadlines for grants is  August 31.

The Abreu Charitable Trust Supports Kids

The Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust for metro Atlanta, provides grants for children and youth services, education, health associations, arts and culture organizations. The trust supports capital campaigns, program development, seed money and matching funds. The deadline for this grant is September 30.  

Georgia-Pacific Offers Grant To Support Creativity

The Georgia-Pacific Foundation Grant seeks to invest in innovative and result-driven educational initiatives. It values creating, supporting and nurturing worthy educational projects. The grant helps kids transition from school to the workforce. For 2011 funding, the GP Foundation accepts proposals for grants and in-kind donations. The deadline for this grant is Oct.

Speedway Speeds Along to Help Children

The Speedway Children’s Charity is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all children. It is the charity’s desire to meet all medical, educational and social needs of all children. The primary focus is in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The deadline for this grant is August 31, 2011.

STEMester Helps Kids Learn Leadership and Service

STEMester of Service Grants support middle school teachers in engaging kids in a semester of service. This grant helps kids build a framework for service learning, addressing critical environmental and disaster preparedness needs, and connecting them to science, technology, engineering and math. This is to help increase the students’ academic achievement. The STEM Schools must be located in one of the 19 states with the highest dropout rate, including Georgia, Washington, Colorado, California, Washington D.C., and many others. The grant is for$5,000 and helps cover a field trip to Pennsylvania.

Ronald McDonald Grant Doesn’t Clown Around With Kids Health

The Ronald McDonald House Charities try to improve the health and well being of children directly. The charity takes a holistic, family-centered approach to helping bring kids care. The Ronald McDonald House Charity hopes to partner with organizations that take an innovative approach to addressing the health needs of the population of kids. The deadline for this grant is August 5, 2011.  

My Best Friend Grant Offers Assistance To Teen and Preteen Girls

My Best Friend Foundation offers a grant to school superintendents and school principals. The program’s message is to reject premarital sex, underage drinking and drugs. The school district must require a long-term commitment to kids from sixth grade through high school graduation. This program is only for girls. Every year, each participant requires at least 110 hours of guidance and activities.