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Writing Raps Helps Reduce Recidivism in Youth of Color

While our nation’s steadily declining rates of juvenile incarceration are encouraging, widening racial disparities are a pressing call for concern. Racial disparities often begin in the school system and persist at each stage of juvenile justice contact, affecting the lives of youth before and far beyond incarceration.

Got A (Unused) Ticket to The Yelawolf Concert? has been told that all did not go well at the Yelawolf concert at the Freight Depot, a music venue, near Underground Atlanta over the weekend. Loads of people who bought tickets (for about $15 a piece) could not get into the concert venue because security closed the doors before reaching capacity. Promoter D.J. Adam Golden, an up and coming Atlanta-based music promoter, takes full responsibility and is asking ticket holders to get in touch with him on Twitter or Facebook to get their money back before the end of today, Tuesday March 8. “The cops had to shut it down because of a lack of security and that was my fault,” said Golden. “I was in charge of staffing and everything else.