Leonard Witt

Truth Telling: Civil Rights Era to JJIE.org

Our Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, JJIE.org, has its roots in part in The Race Beat, the Pulitzer Prize-winning book co-written by Hank Klibanoff, former managing editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I was taken by how important it was for the press to shine a spotlight on the injustices taking place in the South before and during the Civil Rights era. Today that same kind of spotlight must be shone on the juvenile justice system, which, with its share of injustices, remains in the shadows of the collective American consciousness. When John Fleming came our way as the prospective editor of the JJIE.org, I knew he was a kindred spirit who cares deeply about high quality, ethically sound journalism and equal justice for all. That dual commitment is illustrated in his just published essay in the Nieman Reports entitled: Compelled to Remember What Others Want to Forget.

Brian Dixon

The Other Side of the Rainbow: Young, Gay and Homeless in Metro Atlanta

[“The Other Side of the Rainbow: Young, Gay and Homeless in Metro Atlanta” is part 1 of a 3 part series on LGBT issues. Bookmark this page for updates.]

In April 2008, Brian Dixon was 18-years-old and homeless. Being gay, he says, only exacerbated his predicament. After allegedly enduring years of mental and physical abuse, at age 14 Dixon left home to live with his grandparents. Within a year, they placed him in Georgia’s foster care system.

Leonard Witt

JJIE.org Audience Grows Under John Fleming Editorship

Not long ago I was bragging here about how our Juvenile Justice Information Exchange hit the 9,000 unique visitors a month mark. I thought that was really great for a niche journalism site covering juvenile justice issues. Now I am happy to report that by the end of March we hit the 12,000 monthly unique mark. Then last week it was 13,000 and this week it is 14,000 with more than 36,000 monthly page views; we are on a roll. No other entity online or offline convenes 14,000 parents, lawyers, policymakers, teens, system professions, judges and everyday citizens interested in juvenile justice.

Updates you may have noticed

Greetings from JJIE’s social media desk. If you’re familiar with the site you’ve probably noticed some new features popping up the past few days. If you’re new then you may be looking for the best way to get involved or make the most of your visits. At the bottom of each article you’ll notice some updated ‘sharing’ features along with a ‘report an error’ button and a psuedo-pop-up welcoming our Interim Editorial Director John Fleming to the ranks. While the pop-up isn’t here to stay, we think the other changes are a step in the right direction.

Witt Announces Editorial Staff Changes at JJIE.org

Ellen Miller, the editorial director for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE.org), has left to take a job managing a 100-person, TV newsroom in Cleveland, Ohio. She will be replaced on an interim basis by John Fleming, editor at large for The Anniston (Ala) Star.  An advertisement will be placed soon for a full-time replacement for Miller.  Watch this site for “Communication Professional III.” We are extremely proud of Miller’s accomplishments with the JJIE.org.