Shay Bilchik and Leah Kane On the National Reentry Resource Center’s Juvenile Justice FAQ’s

The National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC), a project of the Council of State Governments Justice Center, recently published a list of frequently asked questions and answers on juvenile justice and reentry. As many as 100,000 youth under the age of 18 are released from juvenile correctional facilities every year. These young people often return to their communities with complex needs, such as physical and behavioral health issues and barriers to education and employment. The FAQ provides information on:

the organization of the juvenile justice system and its impact on reentry;
the characteristics of youth committed to out-of-home placement;
the challenges many youth face as they return from placement;
and the policies and practices that are key to successful reentry. Here’s just a few of the questions answered by the FAQ:

How is the juvenile justice system organized, and what does the organization of the system mean for juvenile reentry?