Probation: Man in dark jacket, ball cap sitting behind desk talks to youth in dark hoodie, blue checked pants who has hoodie up, hiding his face.

Juvenile Probation Needs to Join 21st Century With Developmental Approach

In July 2017, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), adopted a resolution in support of developmentally appropriate juvenile justice probation services. The resolution, which built on earlier NCJFCJ policies, made clear that it “supports and is committed to juvenile probation systems that conform to the latest knowledge of adolescent development and adolescent brain science.”

Restorative Justice Helps Us Take Kids Where They Want to Go

Humans of Restorative Justice (HORJ) stories highlight the incredible individuals working to build and restore strong relationships in their communities. They are written and edited by David Levine based on interviews with real-world practitioners. This one is with Keyonn of New York, New York.

Probation: 2 young men sit on bench against wall; one wears denim shorts, black shoes, olive jacket and looks down; the other wears cuffed jeans, dark shoes, white T-shirt under open brown flannel shirt and green cap, has mustache.

To Understand Probation, Youth Need Other Youth Who Have Been Through It

The deliberative portion of juvenile court proceedings focuses intently upon the “actor,” or minor respondent, once the facts of the “act” have been adjudicated by an affirmative plea or after a trial where a finding of delinquency has been entered.

Girl in hooded jacket with crowd of robots behind her

Juvenile Systems Need to Listen to, Trust Young People

The supposedly immaculate stone walls feel as if they are about to close in on me. I wait on court date after court date for a woman of privilege to apply a sentence or provide a “safe” placement for me. This woman asks questions every time I am dragged into that room by the shackles and cuffs that bind my voiceless frame.