Self-esteem: Flower struggles to break through cracked pavement.

Low Self-esteem, Feeling Alone Let the Gangs, Streets Shape Me

I am 38 years old. I have been incarcerated almost 15 years now. I have a sentence of LWOP (life without parole) plus 25 to life for a first-degree murder with drive-by enhancement. I was raised in the Bay Area on the Oakland side of the water. My family was big. Dad’s side was Mexican, mom’s side was white.

Margaritaville Singer offers Grant for Change

Jimmy Buffett’s charity “Singing For a Change” is offering grants to help kids and their families. These grants are awarded to programs that focus on health, education and the protection of kids. It also aims to help foster self-esteem and self-sufficiency. The goal is to teach kids to find creative ways to work out their problems other than through the use of violence. The grant program focuses on improving the quality of life to help make positive changes in communities.