Swimming Pools, Not Prisons

Until I was in the sixth grade my family lived on an Air Force base in South Georgia. The base was a great place for kids. From the time I was six or seven I could ride my bike to wherever I wanted to go. Trips to the movies or the library were a lot of fun, and my parents didn’t have to worry about whether or not I was safe. In the summer my favorite bike ride was to the swimming pool.

Summer Program Teaches Teens Skills in Media

Creative Atlanta-area teens will get a unique opportunity to learn about writing, interactive media and storytelling from experienced instructors through VOX Media Café, a summer program hosted by VOX Teen Communications, which publishes the only Atlanta newspaper created by teens for teens. Teens may sign up for any number of four, one-week courses at the VOX newsroom in Peachtree Center in downtown Atlanta.  Instructors such as Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey and Atlanta magazine editor Rebecca Burns will teach courses focusing on creative nonfiction, photojournalism, videography and multimedia storytelling. Classes, which cost $350, are limited to 12 students each week but kids can enroll for more than one week.  Turner Broadcasting is offering financial aid.  Deadline for applications (available here) is May 15.