Guns at School: Collateral Consequences

If your child gets caught bringing a gun to school, he or she may have trouble getting into a college and the military may not be an option. Possession of a weapon on school grounds is a felony and kids don’t realize the consequences of their actions, according to the Macon Telegraph. The newspaper looked at a sampling of colleges in Georgia and found that most applications ask if students have ever had a felony conviction or been suspended from school. Those who answer yes have their transcripts and disciplinary records reviewed by a special panel. This doesn’t mean an automatic denial for a student with a record, but it can severely hamper his or her chances of getting in.

Crime victim advocate is unsung hero

The new Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights expands the role of victims in juvenile court proceedings across the state, from victim impact testimony to restitution.  Even with expanded rights, many crime victims need help getting through the process.  They get that help from advocates like Virginia Gallemore, who works in the Bibb County District Attorney’s Office.  Her job is to help victims understand their rights, help them with paperwork, find counseling, and hold their hands through difficult hearings.  The Macon Telegraph profiles Gallemore and the role of these advocates.