Another addition to the makeshift memorial for the two officers  who were shot and killed Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn.

[Photos] A Tale of Two Cities

Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s ruthless killing of officers Rafael Ramos, a 40-year-old father of two, and Wenjian Liu, a 32-year-old newlywed, plunged the city into what one mourner described as a “dark place.”

Prison Punishes Criminals’ Children, Panelists Say

DeShawn Harris and Sandra Kroger

NEW YORK — Sending people to prison punishes not only criminals but their families, especially their children, participants in a program on prison photography say.

“It’s not just about offenders and victims,” said documentary photographer Gabriela Bulisova during the Thursday panel discussion hosted by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s Department of Visual Journalism. “Many of the people affected are children.” Continue Reading →

Lynch on Youth Violence: ZIP Code Must Not Decide Children’s Future

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

ARLINGTON, Va. — U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch served up some sobering statistics today at a national summit on preventing youth violence: More than three of five American children have been exposed to crime, violence or abuse.

“This violence can take many forms and can occur virtually anywhere — from the streets of our neighborhoods to the far reaches of cyberspace; from the schools where our children learn their earliest lessons, to the homes where they should feel most secure,” Lynch said at the fourth National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention. Continue Reading →

They’re Not ‘Thugs’ — They’re Our Children

Some national leaders later apologized for referring to Baltimore youth as “thugs.” But none has apologized for branding these young people as “criminals." The fact that they were so quick to label them may be explained by a 2014 study by the American Psychological Association. Continue Reading →