Baltimore Riots
Baltimore Riots

Broken Promises, Broken Lives

Riots are often Rorschach tests. People see what they want to see in the images of burning buildings and looting stores: either as animals who need to be thrown into a cage, or young people in need of jobs, criminal justice reform and an education system that prepares them for something more than street hustling.

Patricia Cardenas

About Half of High Schools Release Discipline Records to Colleges for Admissions

“There’s a bias effect,” Sinocruz said. “If I see a student has been disciplined three times for ‘insubordination,’ ‘disrespect,’ some of these categories that are overly vague and capture very minor incidents, it’s hard not to look at the students as somehow disrespectful, even if it was for a minor thing.

“A lot of times the categories that are used are much stronger, much more punitive-sounding than what actually happened.”

Reclaiming Futures Hosts Live-stream

Learn how juvenile justice and child welfare policies and practices disproportionately affect young people of color, and how to combat structural racism in child serving systems, among other topics.

Arkansas Supreme Court

Arkansas Supreme Court Rules Miller v. Alabama Is Retroactive

More than 50 people sentenced to life in prison in Arkansas when they were younger than 18 could get those sentences reconsidered, thanks to a new court decision.

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Friday that a U.S. Supreme Court decision three years ago applies retroactively in the state, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

The report provides guidelines on how to explain a parent's arrest to a child.

Report Helps Police Protect Kids While Arresting Their Parents

Each year in the United States, several million children witness the arrest of a parent.

These arrests are most likely to be for domestic violence, drug-related incidents and property crimes, according to a report from the Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center, an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The experience can be excruciating for children.