Another addition to the makeshift memorial for the two officers  who were shot and killed Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn.

[Photos] A Tale of Two Cities

“Government must focus on the needs of families, must be the protector of neighborhoods and must guard the people from the enormous power of monied interests. Now my friends, it can be done, but not by elected leaders alone. It requires average New Yorkers who simply refuse to allow their community’s voices to be stifled. It’s their spirit that I intend to sweep into City Hall. A spirit that shouts that all boroughs were created equal and that all our residents matter! So, let’s be honest about where we are today. This is a place that in too many ways has become a tale of two cities. …” — Bill de Blasio

Reporter’s Notebook: Probation Officer & So Much More

Kathy McNamara

Kathy McNamara has played the roles of surrogate mother, mentor, big sister, coach, cheerleader, kindly counselor, confidante, inspiration and friend to her young charges. All the while, McNamara’s also served as their probation officer just outside Chicago in DuPage County, Ill. For 16 years now, she has worked on hundreds of the toughest of juvenile cases — those of so-called “dual-status youth,” kids entangled in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.

Here and there, on the juvenile justice beat, you discover someone who goes so far beyond the call of duty you want to tell the world about that person. Kathy McNamara, a senior probation officer for juveniles, is one of those people. I first learned about McNamara, 45, while reporting on a JJIE story on dual-status youths. Continue Reading →

Wyoming Girls School and CEEAS Featured in Marketplace Series


American Public Media's Marketplace is covering an innovative educational program at The Wyoming Girls' School this week. The initiative, in collaboration with The Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings, is called Unjammed, and focuses on "using technology to transform teaching and learning inside of secure care facilities." Marketplace will also be covering more on the intersection of technology and juvenile corrections. Listen live or find the recordings here, here and here.  

  Continue Reading →

OP-ED: A Good Captain Barks Orders


Something “is outta kilter” or smells to “high heaven,” so bad it would “knock a buzzard off a gut wagon.” It looks like Mr. Listenbee does have a serious problem at OJJDP — employees who don’t know “crap from apple butter.” Why do these union employees not see what the advocates and experts see? Continue Reading →

OP-ED: We All Have Responsibility to End Institutionalized Racism In Juvenile Justice Systems

Alexandra Cox

We must stop kicking black and brown children out of school and arresting them. This is a national crisis but it is not treated as such. We spend more time thinking about how we are going to treat or change these young people once they’ve been kicked out of school and arrested rather than looking at pathological social conditions and policies, or at the disease of white supremacy. Continue Reading →