Another addition to the makeshift memorial for the two officers  who were shot and killed Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn.

[Photos] A Tale of Two Cities

“Government must focus on the needs of families, must be the protector of neighborhoods and must guard the people from the enormous power of monied interests. Now my friends, it can be done, but not by elected leaders alone. It requires average New Yorkers who simply refuse to allow their community’s voices to be stifled. It’s their spirit that I intend to sweep into City Hall. A spirit that shouts that all boroughs were created equal and that all our residents matter! So, let’s be honest about where we are today. This is a place that in too many ways has become a tale of two cities. …” — Bill de Blasio

OP-ED: OJJDP’s Listenbee Is Being Unfairly Criticized

Pete Colberson

As a retired juvenile justice professional with 20 years of experience working at the state level with OJJDP (the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention), I am surprised and appalled by recent attacks leveled by anonymous OJJDP staffers and Sen. Chuck Grassley against OJJDP Administrator Robert Listenbee. Continue Reading →

Safe Housing for Youth, Other Factors Key to Beating Addiction


One of the biggest holes in the net of services to treat teens with addictions lies not in what happens during residential treatment, but in what happens after youth leave a facility, a leading expert told a group at the Neuroscience, Treatment and Young Adults conference at Kennesaw State University Wednesday. Continue Reading →

In the Churchyard, Crosses and Memories of Fallen Children

Reverend Varghese stands by the crosses, with t-shirts representing children under 11 who were injured or killed by guns since Easter last year.

NEW YORK — At St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery in Manhattan, somewhere between 60 to 70 bamboo crosses with t-shirts hanging off of them decorated the yard during this year’s Holy Week.

They were small, only about knee high, but it makes sense for them to be so short. The crosses represented a child under 11 who was injured or killed by guns since Easter last year. Continue Reading →

A Portrait of the Artist As a Juvenile Lifer

Keith Sanford, Ken Crawford and Cindy Sanford.

WAYNESBURG, Pa. — The boy loved to walk in the woods.

Five years ago, Kenneth Carl Crawford III returned to that woods behind his childhood home in Oklahoma, but only in his mind — the only way he can go back now, perhaps the only way he’ll ever go there again in his time on this Earth. Continue Reading →