Homeless by Patricia Chourio - 4-edit

[Photos] Homeless After Class

While many university students were concerned about parking or trying to avoid long lines to get their books, Jalyn was trying to find a place to live. She and her family have been homeless since the summer of 2012. Some days she is able to eat twice a day, others only once. Her financial aid was put on hold because she has not been able to confirm a home address in Georgia.

Legal Counsel Key for Immigrant Kids

Unaccompanied minors and their sponsors attend a legal services event in Atlanta in October. More than half of minors show up to immigration court without a lawyer, which can increase their chances of deportation.

To 16-year-old Samuel, the choice to leave his home in El Salvador became very clear. “The gangs were killing my family members, and they wanted to kill me,” Samuel said in Spanish through a translator. “They wanted to cut my fingers — mine and my sisters. And that’s the reason I came.” Continue Reading →

States Are Failing to Protect Juvenile Records, Study Shows

National scorecard on juvenile records

The records of juvenile offenders are not nearly as confidential as they should be, and the records are also not easily sealed or expunged, a report shows.

The first such report, issued Thursday in the form of a report card by the Juvenile Law Center, shows that many states fail to protect the records to begin with. Other states fail to seal or expunge the records later. Some states do both. Continue Reading →

Fights, Solitary and the Novel Feeling of Regret

Rikers Island

NEW YORK — Ruben Rodriguez walked into the Robert N. Daveron Complex (RNDC), the main adolescent house on Rikers Island, in a faded stone-colored jumpsuit on April 25. A number of inmates whom he recognized from his previous sentence, bristled with fear, but also showed respect and pity when Ruben said he was back on murder charges. Continue Reading →