Shooting of Michael Brown

[Photos] A Funeral in Ferguson

A calm returns to Ferguson as the city quietly seeks answers and mourns the loss of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen that was shot and killed by police Aug. 9, 2014. Photos by Robert Stolarik.

OP-ED: For Real Juvenile Justice Reform We Must Look at the Data Objectively


We don’t always understand the world as well as we imagine, especially when it comes to the effects of public policy.This includes the crime rate and the impact of various interventions on it. Despite our lip service to data driven practices and the illusion of scientific predictability, things aren’t as clear cut as statisticians, social scientists and other public policy wonks would have us believe. Worldwide there has been an ongoing drop in crime, but no one really understands why. Here in the United States things are often unclear as well. For example, consider the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Continue Reading →