Mario Rossi on top of Ancient Art in Moab, Utah.

They Climb, Bike, Run, Lift, Box Their Way Out of Addiction

Many addicts, when they get thrown a rope, say, “Great, pull me up.”

No, Strode tells them. Pull yourself up. Here, take this real rope and fasten it to the real harness we gave you and start climbing up the wall of this cliff — a real cliff with jagged rocks that can scrape skin and draw real blood.

Maltreatment of Youth in U.S. Juvenile Corrections Facilities: An Update

Casey: Time to Close ‘Youth Prisons’

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is throwing new weight into its campaign to close state juvenile correctional centers nationwide, saying they’ve effectively become “youth prisons” where teens are prone to being abused.

“... you find out that instead of a college fund, you should have had a disease fund for your kid,” says Missy Owen, David Owen's mother.

Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Improving But Still Limited

“I wasn’t fighting with the insurance company” over the 30-day limit for her son's treatment, Missy Owen says. “We were following what they told us to do. … I was a very young addict’s mother. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. … When they told me my kid was good to go in 21 days, I was like, ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ I had no idea.”

Windows From Prison

Windows from Prison Provides Visions of Home

NEW YORK — This isn’t your typical prison photography. But it isn’t supposed to be.

As part of his Windows from Prison workshop, Mark Strandquist asks incarcerated individuals a simple question: “If you could have a window in your cell, what place from your past would it look out to?”

Aje Stroud

Scrappers for Life, Brothers Flout the Recycling Law

NEW YORK — Hunting curbside metal trash at dawn, brothers Luqman and Aje Stroud creep down the streets of eastern Brooklyn in a banged-up white van they call the White Ghost. Now in their mid-20s, they have been at this since they were in grade school.

It could be a family business if the city didn’t say it was against the law.

The Start of My Prison Term

I will never forget when the steel cell door slammed shut behind me. I stood in the darkness trying to fix my eyes and readjust the thoughts that were telling me this was not home. That this tiny space would not, could not be where I would spend a nickel of my life.

The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls’ Story

Report: Girls Face ‘Sex-Abuse-To-Prison Pipeline’

The numbers are huge: An Oregon study found that 93 percent of girls in the state’s juvenile justice system had been sexually or physically abused at some time. South Carolina research found that 81 percent of girls in its system had experienced sexual abuse.