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Amp Up Your Attitude to Fundraise From Individual Givers for Your Nonprofit

People often talk about the art and science of fundraising. And they’re right. Raising money, especially gifts from individuals, takes a strategic mix of savvy relationship building and effective implementation of the right processes, plans and metrics. But there’s a third piece of the puzzle that we don’t talk as much about … attitude. Attitude dictates our level of confidence to engage donors, it impacts whether we approach our work with an abundance mentality or a scarcity mentality, and it infuses all the training and tools we’ve been given over the years with the organizational will to finally put them to use.

California Accomplices to a Felony Shouldn’t Be Sentenced Like the One Who Committed the Murder

The current attempt to amend the felony murder rule in California has been a multiyear effort. This work, like all our work, was borne out of our personal experiences with clients, incarcerated individuals and family members with loved ones serving life sentences under this antiquated doctrine. This rule represented to us an injustice that deserved a remedy.

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Recreational Therapy Is Lifesaver for Kids in Juvenile Detention

Bill Dorsey works as a shift supervisor at the Ada County Juvenile Justice Detention Center in Boise, Idaho. Outside of his daily duties, Dorsey also provides a valuable service to the youths held in detention — he teaches music. By providing guitar, mandolin and drumming lessons, Dorsey creates a space for kids to learn skills and find their passion by engaging in healthy, communal activities. Since Dorsey began his informal musical instruction, the detention center now incorporates a “healthy hobbies” program that includes gardening and fly fishing.

Inside Info on How to Hire a Data Analyst for a Nonprofit

A comprehensive job description is a great first step when hiring a data analyst, but what often gets overlooked is the type of person best suited for this role. A data analyst, especially in the landscape of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), might wear several hats that extend their skills outside the technical demands of the job.

To Reduce Long-Term Health Gaps, a Push for Early Intervention in Juvenile Detention

In the weeks before they leave the juvenile detention center, incarcerated children in Connecticut meet with counselors from the Wheeler Clinic, a nonprofit that works with high-risk youth as they transition back into their community. They talk about social connections, they talk about family support. They also talk about vaccinations.

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California, Like Other States, Needs Independent Monitor to Solidify Reform, Ward Off Abuses

Last fall, the Miami Herald exposed alarming abuses within Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice, including guard-sanctioned beatings, excessive use of force and rampant violence. Likewise, in late 2017, reporters at the Dallas Morning News uncovered sexual abuse by staff in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. These discoveries were troublingly reminiscent of California’s Division of Juvenile Justice, which has been mired in scandal for much of its decadeslong history, including a spate of violent incidents, youth suicides and staff misconduct in the early 2000s that resulted in a 12-year consent decree.