prosecutor: Statue of Lady Justice

Prosecutors Champion Legitimate, Meaningful Justice Reforms

As a career prosecutor I have spent the better part of 45 years working in all areas of the criminal justice system. I started as a juvenile court prosecutor at a time when our juvenile justice system was not nearly as adversarial as it is now but rather seemed more interested, as such cases are legally styled, in the best interest of the child.

trauma: Flying bullet from light particles. Vector illustration

My Brother’s Use of Gun Created Lasting Childhood Wounds

When I first heard the topic was on guns, my initial response was I have zero experience with guns. Other than using a water gun at the local fair to win a prize, I never held a gun, shot a gun or even seen a real gun in person.

parole: 2 men, 2 women sit at table on low platform facing audience, giant sign that says sheriff at left

3 on Florida Commission Decide Parole of Thousands of Inmates

Inside a carpeted room at the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, an audience of about 75 settled into rows of banquet chairs. In the center of the room was a table, topped with microphones and a box of tissues that would be plucked from liberally over the next few hours.

gun violence: Relatives calming family member at funeral, all in black

Helping Others Heal Is More Powerful Than a Bullet

The losses of life, the endless pain and suffering, the thousands of lives sent to prison, fatherless and motherless children and worst of all a parent having to bury their child. Going back into my life I’ll never forget the tragedy that came with the first time I heard gunshots and then saw the horrific wreckage. Two people died that night, one a man I didn’t know and the other a best friend of mine. I wasn’t shot, I didn’t pull the trigger, but the bullets tore through my heart and soul. I remember sitting next to my best friend who was laying there dead with a bullet in his head.