Latina Youth Once Threatened With Deportation Speaks Up

The story of 21-year-old undocumented student Jessica Colotl made headlines when she faced deportation after being arrested in 2010 for driving without a license. It was a debate: Was Colotl a law breaker who should be penalized, or a bright young woman, brought to the United States at 11, facing a too severe punishment?

Senate Judiciary Members Rail Against Juvenile Detention Rather Than Therapy

The elephant in the room never actually made it into the room this morning. But Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, who last year scuttled a juvenile justice reform bill over the objections of experts and the overwhelming majority of Congress, was clearly on everybody’s mind.

How Going to Jail Changed My Life Path, Part 3

When I first went to Rikers Island, I did not anticipate the impact this would have on my academic and professional career. The initial trip across the city to the confines of the jail made me question my place within the justice system and how I could be an advocate for change.

How Going to Jail Changed My Life Path, Part 1

The first time I went to jail, my professor sent me there. Before I could think too much about what I had agreed to do, I piled into a beat-up 12-passenger van with 11 others.