Families of Rikers Island Inmates: A Photographer’s Focus

Every day an estimated 1,500 family members and friends of those incarcerated on New York’s Rikers Island visit their loved ones. For several months, photographer Salvador Espinoza rode the bus back and forth, documenting the stories of these people.
“It’s something we can’t sustain because it’s just this revolving door — you’re breeding kids from a young age to go into the system. I just want people to be more aware of this.”

Forgiveness Is for Me

When I was growing up I thought forgiveness was weakness. I believed you shouldn’t turn the other cheek or be meek towards those who wronged you because that’s weak. I believed you get even or you pay it forward toward someone else. I tried to get even and stay one or two up to ease the pain and prevent myself from being hurt again. I built a wall of toughness, selfishness, anger and a hardened heart.

360-degree View: Ramarley Graham’s House

NYPD Police Officer Richard Haste fatally shot 18-year-old Ramarley Graham in 2012. Take a look inside the Bronx building where it happened as reporter Zach Williams explains the importance of certain building features for the case against Haste.

How the Media Contribute to Disproportionate Confinement of Minority Youth

A father of two was fatally shot at about 11 p.m. yesterday, apparently caught in the crossfire between two teenagers at the corner of Busy and Main streets. Witnesses said the suspects, two black youths between 14 and 17, started arguing, then pulled out guns.

Cop Who Killed Bronx Teen Could Keep Badge Even If Found Guilty

The New York Police Department officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Ramarley Graham could keep his job even if a department disciplinary trial ends with a guilty verdict. A ruling is expected within 90 days.
Department discipline is likely the last recourse against Haste after two local grand juries and a federal investigation declined to criminally charge him.

It’s Time to Prioritize Suicide Prevention in the Juvenile Justice System

Judges have become important behavioral health champions, and transformative leaders in matters of therapeutic justice. Yet, there is more to do to develop community partnership and alliances to advance Zero Suicide Initiatives on local and state levels.