I Got Arrested! Now What?

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Here’s a new way to teach kids about the juvenile court system from the Center for Urban Pedagogy: It’s a comic strip called I Got Arrested! Now What? This is a fold out poster/comic that was developed for kids in New York.

The comic follows one teen through his experience in the system and was developed by The Center for Urban Pedagogy in collaboration with the Center for Court Innovation and the Youth Justice Board. The comic was drawn by graphic novelist Danica Novgorodoff and can be downloaded as a PDF or purchased through PayPal.

Thanks to Benjamin Chambers for the heads up.

2 thoughts on “I Got Arrested! Now What?

  1. This is a very clear and helpful explanation of a completely opaque situation that no one wants to have to learn about. If faced with this ‘scary’ prospect, this diagram really helps to de-mystify the process helping folks to know what to expect, especially with regard to outcomes.

  2. What a great idea. Even highly educated adults often grasp information more fully when it’s conveyed graphically, but it seems particularly appropriate for this audience.