Poll Shows People Believe That Kids Can Be Rehabilitated

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Georgia has some of the toughest juvenile crime laws in the nation that focus more on punishment than rehabilitation. A new report suggests that the public may have different attitudes.  Some highlights:

  • People believe rehabilitation and treatment can reduce crime AND are willing to pay extra taxes to provide those services;
  • They support rehabilitation even for young people who commit violent crimes;
  • They oppose young offenders being sent to adult criminal court without an individual determination made in each case;
  • They agree that non-white youth are more likely than white youth to be prosecuted as adults; and
  • believe strongly in a separate juvenile justice system.

These findings are from the National Juvenile Justice Network’s recently updated “Polling on Public Attitudes About the Treatment of Young Offenders.” The information was collected between 2005 and 20007 and the document also looks back at public attitudes during the 1990’s.

To read the full document, click here.

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