In-School Paddling and Spanking Still Legal in 20 States

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Kids are still being paddled in public schools in 20 states, including Georgia and African American students and children with disabilities are twice as likely to get a spanking.

That’s according to Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) who brought the nationwide “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act” before Congress last year. Elementary school children are also more likely to get paddled than high school kids.

New attention on the issue comes from Texas. Last month an advocacy group called The Hitting Stops Here rallied against corporal punishment in Texas public schools, according to KETK-TV. Click here to check out what people are saying during a call-in segment on KETK-TV in Austin.

States allowing corporal punishment include Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi and a full list can be found here.

As reported last summer, more than 28, 500 students were spanked as a form of discipline in Georgia public schools in 2008. According to reports from the Georgia Department of Education, corporal punishment was mostly used in rural counties and counties in the southern parts of the state.

Here’s what the report shows:

  • Laurens County led the state with more than 2,400 getting paddled.
  • Randolph County came in second with almost 1,600 students paddled.
  • In counties surrounding Atlanta, including Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb and Clayton, spanking was non-existent.

3 thoughts on “In-School Paddling and Spanking Still Legal in 20 States

  1. I think that no one should not be able to paddle your kids at school. School is a place for learning not to get paddled.

  2. There goes the media again mudding the water. Not putting down the true facts. For one thing the parent can call and tell the school not to spank there children simple as that. My next question is for Ms Mccarthy Rep of NY. With all things like budgets and over spending, etc. why in the world are u introducing a bill as this to take up congresses time. I now see why the Democrats didn’t pass a budget last Sept. Because there so busy with minor crap like this. Ridiculous! There goes the federal government dipping in state government again. Like they don’t have aenough to do to run the country. Very weak democrats. Having someone from NY who is trying to introduce bills to run other states. No wonder we are in a miss….

  3. I don’t know HOW you heard that, but your sources are MAJORLY wrong. Yes, it’s legal in Georgia, I would know. But African Americans and kids with disabilities more likely to get spanked? Not true. The parent can simply call the school and request their child NEVER get spanked, but to some parents it’s a form of punishment. Also, from what I’ve seen, “African Americans” are the ones who act up the most, some of them have no respect for their teachers and enjoy being disrespectful and just love bullying other people, I know this because hell I’m a victim, as of many others, I am not saying that to be racist, but it is true.