Teens Arrested for Creating Vicious Phony Facebook Page

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Two Florida high school girls were busted for cyberbullying after creating a degrading phony Facebook page for a fellow classmate.

Police say Taylor Wynn, 16, and McKenzie Barker, 15, posted graphic, lewd messages on the page and photos with their schoolmate’s head pasted on the body of a naked, prepubescent girl.  Wynn told police they created the page as a joke because,“Nobody liked her.”  The page, created in April, had 181 friends.

A classmate of the victim alerted school authorities to the page, which was quickly taken down.  Police say the two girls created a new page attacking the victim soon after that was also taken down.

The victim has reported that because of the Facebook page she has been subjected to “numerous incidents of teasing and ridicule.”

Unfortunately, cyberbullying is nothing new but, as JJIE.org reported in November, Facebook has created an application that reports incidents of bullying.  In December we told you about a girl who tracked down two college students who were harassing her online.

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