Video Game Addiction Linked to Depression, Fights, Substance Abuse

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Two new studies say that videogame addiction in kids may have serious consequences.  Although most kids will never have a problem, those who do face an increased risk of depression, substance abuse, and lower grades in school.

A study by an international research team found that 9 percent of Singapore kids were pathological videogame players.  The researchers say this number is similar in countries around the world.

A Yale School of Medicine study found only 5 percent of adolescents reported having symptoms of videogame addiction. However, these kids were more likely to smoke cigarettes, do drugs, and get in fights.

Reading both studies requires a subscription but Science Daily has more info.  You can read about the Singapore study here and the Yale study here.

One thought on “Video Game Addiction Linked to Depression, Fights, Substance Abuse

  1. Your sensationalistic synopsis confuses causation and correlation. When will people learn basic tenets of critical thought?