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As I am sure you’ve discovered is the best source for daily coverage of juvenile justice issues not just in Georgia, but around the United States. Every week thousands of people are logging on to find out what is happening in the lives of young people and in the issues they face. But did you know that many of the conversations taking place around our stories aren’t happening on our website?

The JJIE community is a lively bunch, chiming in on issues from all corners of the web. Below are some ways you can connect with JJIE outside of this website:


  • Facebook. There are nearly 600 million users on Facebook, so chances are you have an account. We are very active there, publishing content daily and having great conversations with everyone who participates.
  • YouTube. The second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is a great place to find entertaining and informative content. We upload a weekly video that reviews our top stories from the week in a fast-paced, entertaining format. You’ll also find interviews, opinions and lots of other great content there too!
  • Twitter. It’s been said that Twitter is a lot like a cocktail  party, and we like to think of it that way too. Every day we get on Twitter with the goal of simply chatting with those of you who are interested in the issues that face children and teens. We’ll pass along the stories we’re reading, links to some of our trending content, plus we just enjoy hanging out with you in the digital space.
  • Tumblr. With three Tumblr accounts focusing on Bullying, Addiction and Trafficking, we are aggregating all of the information being shared on this platform that pertains to these three issues. Our goal is just to stay connected to all of you by not only providing a resource for you to find information on important issues, but also just to see what other people are sharing. We are aggregating information on Twitter around these same three issues as well as from an account dedicated solely to them.

Just to make this digital introduction a little more personal, let me introduce the faces behind these accounts:

I am Noah Echols, the Digital Media Manager at When I’m not fiddling with the website, you’ll find me out there on Facebook and Twitter looking for stimulating conversations.


Clay Duda is a Digital Media Specialist at When he isn’t shooting or editing video, he’s replying to all your comments, questions and suggestions on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Reddit.


And last, but certainly not least, Lindsay Oberst is the newest member of our digital media team. She is our brilliant social media intern and the face behind those Tumblr accounts.


I really hope that you’ll not only visit the other places around the web that we’re posting content, but that you’ll join the conversation there. Hit the “like” button on Facebook, the “subscribe” button on YouTube, the “Follow” button on Twitter, or the “follow” button on Tumblr so that you’ll get regular updates. We will never spam you or overload your inbox with information, but we do promise to continue to provide you with high quality content every day.

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