Live-Streaming Child Porn: What Your Kids Are Doing With Their Webcams

If you enter the rooms of teenage girls on Stickam (or any one of the other live-streaming websites like or, you’ll quickly find nearly-anonymous users who are chatting via an AOL-style chat room with the user who is broadcasting live. Very often (more often than not, actually) teenage girls in these chat rooms are asked repeatedly and aggressively to do sexual things, to strip, pose, kiss, or more depending on how accommodating the girl is to the requests. When given the prospect of attracting more viewers, many of these girls oblige without thinking of the long-term consequences.

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Cutting Access to Social Media is Not the Answer in U.K. Riots


It was 5:34am when the hideous screech of the alarm finally woke me up. My wife was already in the kitchen on her second cup of coffee, clutching her iPad with determined eyes fixed to the screen. I kissed her on the head before pouring myself a cup as she glanced up at me quickly and without a word. Something wasn’t right. “Whatcha reading,” I asked casually in an effort to seem unaware of her obvious discomfort.

The Ish: Back to School

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The Ish (Preview)

Next week we’re launching a new weekly video called the Ish. No plans, no format. Just exploring youth culture. For the next 6 weeks we’ll also be drawing a name at the end of each episode from people who entered a sweepstakes on our Facebook page. Go enter and you could win $100.