Juvenile Justice Expert David Schmidt Discusses Juvenile Life Without Parole

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Are sentences of life without parole for juveniles a death sentence? David Schmidt thinks so. See the short version just below.

For more information on topics on like why a kid convicted of triple murder should still be released by the age of 21 see the full interview at the bottom of this page.

Here are the time splits for the important topics Schmidt covers in the longer version below:

Life without parole – 00:33
Judge still could give 150 years – 1:20
Are we tough enough on kids – 1:38
There are dangerous young people – 2:03
Consider the individuals – 2:20
The New Mexico model and a triple murder – 3:00
Life without parole is a death sentence – 5:00
2,500 kids in jail without parole in 27 states – 5:50
Supreme Court acted cowardly – 7:05
Judge’s and prosecutor’s power – 8:00

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