20/20 Finds the Source of Fake Pot and it’s Not Local

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A joint. JJIE file photo. Ryan Schill / JJIE.org

Packages of synthetic marijuana are one place you won’t find a “Made in China” sticker.  But in a report airing tonight, ABC’s 20/20 discovered that the pouches of dried leaves and herbs—sold as incense—probably should.

The “incense” gets its punch from a variety of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto the dried plant matter and ABC’s investigation traced the source of the chemical back to suppliers in China.

A few weeks ago we reported on the dangers of smoking products such as “K4” and “Spice Gold.”  In most states they are completely legal and sold in convenience stores and smoking shops.  Because they are marked “Not for human consumption,” the FDA does not regulate them and no ID is required to purchase them.  You don’t have to be 18 years old to buy a pack of fake pot.

For the full story, go read our report, “The Straight Dope on Fake Dope.


2 thoughts on “20/20 Finds the Source of Fake Pot and it’s Not Local

  1. Dude, what isn’t made in china? everything on your body and in your house almost.

    and why are you guys trying to demonize the incense? what happened to people’s free will? Even 20/20 showed how more people have gotten hurt from peanuts in the same amount of time.

    who wins when incense is completely illegal? do you think it will stop the people who want it? it will only turn harmless people into criminals.