6 thoughts on “Young, Homeless and Enslaved by the Freedom of the Rails

    • trash was my boyfriend for a while. after this was made he went away for 4 months and when he came back i was living out there in little 5. we met when i helped him patch his clothes. we took care of each other for a while, ive never had someone look out for me like that, he is one of the nicest guys ive ever met. we didnt have much but we had each other and that was enough. and by the way we never once stole anything, i dont know where you got “thief,” man. i wish i knew where he was now, trash if you read this know that i really loved you and the 1st night i left you i was raped. later, when i went to stay with those tweakers cuz it was cold, i was help captive and treated like shit. trash never laid a hand on me but i made some stupid choices when i separated myself from him. i wish id never left and i wish he had been there when i came back. im rarely in little 5 points now, without trash i fear for my life. some fucked up shit happens in that place. peace.

  1. Lifestyle is often not a free choice but simply a choice between equally bad alternatives. It is very difficult to choose a better lifestyle if you have never been exposed to it, have never known how if felt and never had the opportunity to appreciate it’s qualities.
    They are trapped in a world of bad choices by fear, mistrust and ignorance and that is in both directions.
    Freedom of the rails is the only freedom from suffering they have ever really experienced in durable measure, it was there from one day to another, rather than the odd fleeting glimpses of happiness and safety.
    It would appear that group homes and foster care are really only preferable to properly managed and carefully regulated orphanages because of cost.

  2. Article is the beginnings of ‘conditioning’ propaganda, along with the trust to legitimize self-medication with marijuana, by a government that has failed to provide gainful employment, decent education, reasonable opportunity, for its people. U.S.A. they shouted, U.S.A. Hearts filled with Patriotism, Hope, for more than the Capitalists that run this corpocracy are willing to pay for.

  3. This lifestyle is one of hardships, the cost of living outside of society is fraught with being persecuted relentlessly by law enforcement just for existing sometimes, the constant presence of predators looking for a weak or desperate victim, being “invisible” to the rest of the world, and the risk of not making on thtrain one time and being maimed or killed for a momentary slip-up. It’s a hard life, but it’s worth it those times when you’re riding a freight car thru the country-side, free as a bird, only trusted friends with you, on the way to wherever, destination not really important. I miss that feeling sometimes.