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Leonard Witt

Leonard Witt

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange is made up of people like you who are interested in doing what is best for at-risk children, including the people who work with children. We believe doing what’s best means staying well-informed about what’s going on in government, courts, schools, nonprofit treatment and prevention programs, and following new research and initiatives that could benefit children and families.

Leonard Witt

We called the, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange because we believe our audience collectively knows more about juvenile justice and child welfare issues than we do. Plus we want to provide a place for everyone to share their ideas, research, expertise and experiences with our 17,000 unique monthly visitors.

Many of you have written comments, which bring new and unique perspectives to the solid journalism we do each day. Plus our editor John Fleming, has done an outstanding job of recruiting people to write full-blown commentary for our Ideas & Opinions section.

Recently, we tried something new. We gave a try; we asked our readers to help underwrite a story on teen accidents. You helped fully fund the story within a week. So, we know works. If you know of an important story that you think we should be covering, contact Fleming: If he thinks the story fits our mission, he can recruit a freelancer. Then we could use to see if other people agree that that story is worth underwriting. In other words, you could take on the role of an assigning editor, who helps us get important stories reported, written and funded.

Some of you remain passive readers; your visits are appreciated. However, why not become an active part of our community by signing up for our newsletter, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. Then, when you find one of our stories or commentaries compelling you can quickly share it with your friends, colleagues and interest groups. They will appreciate the heads-up, and we know from watching our numbers that some of them too will become sharing members of the So together the important stories of juvenile justice and where it intersects with child welfare, behavioral health and education will get heard by the widest possible audience. Children’s lives will be saved as the system is made better.

Thanks for any part you play now or in the future at the; it is and will continue to be deeply appreciated by us and the rest of the community.

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