Missouri Won’t Let Teachers Friend Students on Facebook

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Teachers in Missouri may want to spend the last few days before school begins removing their students from their friends list on Facebook. Missouri Senate Bill 54, just signed by Gov. Jay Nixon, prohibits contact between teachers and students on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The measure is supposed to clearly define student-teacher boundaries. But, according to some educators, the bill isn’t clear enough.

“It says current and former students, that’s what the bill reads,” a Nixa, Mo., School District spokesperson told Missouri’s KSPR. “Does that mean students you’ve had in the classroom, the school district?  What if you’ve changed school districts?”

Some teachers use Facebook to communicate with entire classes, providing information on homework or other activities, however only private communication is forbidden. Teachers can set up fan pages that anyone can like, including students and parents.


One thought on “Missouri Won’t Let Teachers Friend Students on Facebook

  1. I’d like to know what the rules are for Georgia teachers. As a nonprofit leaders in Atlanta, we have begun to research best practices and guidelines – and there’s very little articulated. Communications platforms are evolving faster than policy can, but I’d like to hear what Georgia schools and youth-serving nonprofits are up to. Thanks!