Occupy Atlanta Protestors Clash with Police, 20 Arrested

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Travis Young, 20, and Charles Ray Clayton, 59, both of Atlanta stress their grievances at the Occupy Atlanta protests. Oct. 17, 2011

Travis Young, 20, and Charles Ray Clayton, 59, both of Atlanta stress their grievances at the Occupy Atlanta protests. Oct. 17, 2011

Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta was once again the scene of protests and arrests Saturday night as Occupy Atlanta demonstrators clashed with police. Nineteen protestors were arrested, many for refusing to stay on sidewalks and blocking city streets, after demonstrators began an impromptu march down Peachtree Street.

Occupy Atlanta demonstrators vowed to once again camp out in Woodruff Park despite a warning from Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed that anyone remaining in the park after it closed at 11 p.m. would be arrested. However, protestors began exiting the park shortly after the deadline as dozens of police officers on motorcycles and horses—some in riot gear, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution—encircled the park preparing to make arrests.

A handful of protestors remained in the park and were arrested, a symbolic move by the protestors one Occupy Atlanta spokesperson told Atlanta’s WSB-TV. As protestors left the park they began marching down Peachtree Street chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!” In a show of strength, Atlanta police circled the park with a line of motorcycles, sirens wailing. A scuffle broke out between protestors and police after one demonstrator was nearly run over by a police motorcycle. Police arrested the demonstrator and charged him with a felony for attacking a police officer.

Occupy Atlanta demonstrators filed a federal lawsuit Friday claiming the mayor’s order to arrest any protestors remaining in Woodruff park after closing was unconstitutional. According to WSB-TV, the lawsuit states that groups numbering fewer than 75 do not need a permit to remain in the park overnight. Occupy Atlanta claims the protestors remaining in the park overnight have not numbered more than 75 and are therefore not required to obtain a permit.

The protestor charged with a felony will likely appear before a judge Monday, according to WSB-TV. The remaining 19 protestors will face a judge Sunday morning.

According to The Journal-Constitution, the Rev. Jesse Jackson visited with the protestors at Woodruff Park earlier in the day Saturday comparing their protests to the Rev. Martin Luther Kings final movement, the Poor People’s Movement.

One thought on “Occupy Atlanta Protestors Clash with Police, 20 Arrested

  1. “…if you’re ignorant, you’re scared of ideas…” unidentified young woman at Occupy Wall St, Zuccotti Park, NY, NY. interviewed by Geraldo Rivera at large

    I’m not anti-police, I’m anti-abuse of power… but the video of police violating 1st Amendment rights of the Occupy Wall St/USA supporters is more than I can take. (I’ve got history, man…)

    Well, it’s happened… police brutality and police abuse of power has led to serious injury. On 10-26-11 at Occupy Oakland, Iraq War Vet US Marine Scott Olsen had his skull fractured after he was shot in the head with a tear gas canister. WHAT?

    Y’know what the REAL problem is? Too many law enforcement agents believe that crap dished out by the Limbaughs & FOX news! Conservative wacko cult bias shouldn’t driving police policy. It‘s “protect and serve” remember? Not act like the strong-arm guys for Wall Street organized crime, ya bunch of fascist oinkers.

    NOTE: FOX News and the AM radio Limbaughs want to divert attention away from these facts and ridicule/demonize the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Fox News is punk’n Occupy Wall supporters… SETTING YOU UP for police abuse of power/brutality, (right, Gasperino & Crowder)

    Funny, how public sector workers such as police and corrections officers expect Americans to protect their job/pension/health care security from Republican/Conservative spending cuts (examples in Wisconsin and Ohio). But then the police union/association members pay us back by beating, gas, shoot with rubber bullets and wrongfully arresting Concerned Citizens demanding accountability from the Wall St con-artists who ruined our economy. It seems the real criminals and true enemies of the USA have police and secret service protection.

    The Class War has begun and the LAW better get out of the way. (like Egypt) The LAW has been very tough on Americans who can’t afford decent legal representation. The Aristocrats and Ruling Class have spent a fortune of our tax dollars to set up a CONTROL by AUTHORITY legal system.

    NOTE: See where Elizabeth Warren or Michael Moore got (his “Last Word”) talking points from cyberbitchslap2.blogspot.com

    Suggested reading: “Violence in America” Rose (Vintage)