New Year’s Resolutions: Damian, 16

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Damian Browning

Damian Browning

Damian Browning, 16, Marietta High School

“I see 2012 as a chance to keep my grades up, think clearly and level headed and stay sober. I was 14 when I started drinking and 15 when I started smoking weed. The probation I’m on actually is a big help in keeping me sober, but my parents have really wised up to what I was up to and are paying close attention. Plus, I’ve got a new baby brother (born around Thanksgiving). When I see him, I just think what I was doing is not worth it.

“Right now, I’m making the best grades I’ve made ever and I’m beginning to think about college. I’d like to be an architect or design engineer one day. My resolution is to keep those things in mind and work hard toward achieving them and be a good role model for my brother.”

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Damian, 16

  1. Hi Damian.
    I have just written to each of the 5 of you on this website. Your stories all really inspired me. I’m giving a speech to MD teens in a drug court program and was looking for success stories that I could share with them. I like that you are working harder on your grades and thinking about college and a future. It’s amazing how baby steps can make us feel better about ourselves and lead to bigger steps. And now you have a little brother to be a good role model for. I know you can do it. If you have a minute, would you share some of your journey with me? I would like to share it with young people up here who have similar struggles. I think they would benefit from hearing about your success. Best of luck to you in 2013.