New Year’s Resolutions: Dylan, 15

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Dylan Hamilton

Dylan Hamilton

Dylan Hamilton, 15, Pope High School

“I started smoking marijuana two years ago. I was skipping a lot of school, hanging with the wrong crowd, living the wrong life. This coming year, I just want to be clean and able to relax and do my best in school so I can start preparing for college. I’m a grade behind where I should be and I’m trying to make that up now.

“There were some wasted years, for sure. For me to reach this resolution, I just need to do what the judge says. I know she wants what’s best for us. And when I have more freedom again, I need to stay away from people who help me make bad decisions and get around people who will help me make good ones.

“That’s going to be hard because there are some close relationships that I’ve had to abandon. But if I do that, I think I’ll meet my goals.”

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One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions: Dylan, 15

  1. Hello Dylan. I just read your story and wondered how 2012 ended up for you. You were looking to make new friends who would be more positive for you. That is the one theme that I learned by reading all of your stories. I hope you were able to do that and that you are now focused on getting prepared for college. I would love an update on how you are doing. Would you take a moment to share that? Best of luck to you as you move forward on your journey.