New Year’s Resolutions: Nick, 17

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Nick McCullough

Nick McCullough

Nick McCullough, 17, Pope High School

“I have a good head on my shoulders and for starters, I won’t do what I normally would do on New Years, which is smoke weed. I want to go to college and I have my mind set on that now. I am the captain of my hockey team and pretty much always have been. I like to be a leader instead of having a lot of people looking over me. I’m not crazy about being under people’s rule, so even this (drug court) is a big deal for me.

“My resolution is to keep my mind on the future. I’ve changed a lot of my friends and certainly have changed what I do on weekends. I have a curfew from the judge now, and I have to be home at 10 on non-school nights. That’s when I’d be starting my night.”

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One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions: Nick, 17

  1. Hello Nick. I stumbled on your story today and wanted to see how you are doing. One thing you said really made sense, making all new friends makes a big difference. I recently got to know my step-brother. I was already moved away from home when his mom married my dad. He went into drug rehab while in high school. Although he had dropped out of HS, he turned around and enrolled in college, where he was able to take college classes that counted for HS classes too. Not only did he graduate, but he went on to get his masters degree and today is a successful businessman, VP of a profitable company, with a beautiful wife and family. You can do that too – if you want it bad enough.
    I’m looking for inspirational stories to share with my young audience next week and would love to hear what you learned from 2012. Best of luck to you in your journey.