3 thoughts on “Victim of Sex Trafficking in U.S. Tells Her Story

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with the previous posting that we need more stories like these. Stories of triumph over or diversion from the school to jail pipeline would be great as well… My only comment is that I hope these new programs that were mentioned will use trauma-informed evidence based practices. The NCTSN provides substantial guidance and technical assistance to incorporate trauma informed practices into all child-serving systems. It’s an obvious conclusion that each of these girls (and boys), women (and men) victimized through sex trafficking have experienced trauma. It is important that interventions offered to the victims be trauma-informed.

  2. when will America wake-up and smell the coffee? human beings of all races, creeds, sexes and nationalities are victimized by scumbags like DJ. a beating is too good for him. forgive the sin, but not the sinner – he should be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for his role as a slaver.. and our society at large is a co-conspirator.