12 thoughts on “Harlem Residents: We Asked City for Help, We Got a Raid Instead

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  8. I have to be 100% honest about this situation, I grew up in Foster Projects and I was sent down south to avoid trouble however I still got in trouble because I me made that choice, in this situation you have to look at how these kids are being raised because no matter what it all starts in the home its the parents job and strict obligation to teach their kids how to act when they are not home, so when they go to school, the store or anyplace they already know what not to do because they were taught and trained right, just like how you teach them to use the bathroom you can teach them how to act so it’s no excuse all the blame falls on the parents or the lack of parents being in their kids lives, so stop acting like somebody made your kids go crazy because it’s the parents job to teach them how to act.

  9. At least during the crack era it was over money. These kids fighting over nothing.

  10. I think this article comes off more than a little myopically anti-police without offering a valid view of what the alternatives were here.

    That said I’m skeptical of the value of this raid because it doesn’t say anything about these small gangs being affiliated with The Bloods, and people who know Harlem know that everything that happens uptown happens because the bloods let it happen, or it gets killed.

  11. You can put some on the system but I lived on those projects…living in the hood and becoming what these kids became is a choice at some level.

  12. 132 arrested=132 more free Laborers. These kids are blackballed from a descent education, employment and civil extra curriculum actives but now they will be given jail and prison jobs without hesitation. We lost as a people. We are almost extinct. The NYPD AKA KKK would have never done this to white community. They goal here was to remove the fathers, brothers sons and uncles leaving minority women alone and helpless. My son was stabbed a few months ago. The police from the 30th precinct came to his hospital room and told him they could care less if he wasn’t willing to tell on and testify against the person who did it. Meanwhile the whole incident was caught on camera. My son was afraid of retaliation from the family of the stabber. I made several calls and visits to the assigned detectives. The stabber walks the streets and was not even taken in for questioning. In 2003 my husband of now 24 years was arrested charged and wrongfully convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. I spent over $50,000 in legal fees just to end up learning the Law and perfecting motions myself. After 10 1/2 years finally the Appellate Division has recognized the police misconduct and legal errors that lead to my husbands wrongful conviction.. The NYPD (especially the DIRTY 30) and legal system prays on our community for the sole purpose of FREE LABOR. Anything our government does ALWAYS ALWAYS surrounds making money. We are defenseless against BIG BUSINESS. People outside of our race think we are stupid and ignorant. We are just a community of MANLESS WOMEN raising our males for inevitable SLAVERY (PRISON) smh