Week in Review: Amnesty Laws, Raising the Age and Violence

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Only 15 States Have Drug Amnesty Laws to Protect Overdosers, Friends

Tanya and Taylor Smith

Gabrielle Smith/Family

Tanya Smith and her daughter Taylor, who died in August, 2013, after an overdose.

Georgia is the 15th U.S. state to pass a law ensuring those who call 911 in case of an overdose will not face criminal charges. These so-called Good Sam laws, the first of which was passed in New Mexico in 2001, aim to save lives by getting medical help, not criminal charges, for someone who has overdosed. The laws also protect the friend who calls 911 and stays with the person.

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[Photos] ‘Shell Shocked’ Documents Violence in New OrleansIt’s easier to get a gun than a textbook in New Orleans, America’s murder capital. ‘Shell-Shocked’ — a movie filled with violence, death and schoolroom chaos — stunned the young Bronx audience in New York.>> Read Full Story
North Carolina Considering Raising Misdemeanor AgeA senior prank water balloon fight in North Carolina got out of hand, leaving seven youths arrested that day and charged with disorderly conduct. A bill to raise the age for misdemeanor offenses is now being considered in N.C.>> Read Full Story


OP-ED: The Solitary Confinement of Youth
Studies have found that subjecting prisoners to solitary confinement makes it more difficult for them to assimilate back into their communities, increasing the risk of recidivism.

$2 Million OJJDP-MacArthur Partnership Focuses on Juvenile Justice Reform
A partnership between the federal government and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation will provide $2 million over the next two years for juvenile justice reform efforts.

OP-ED: Glaring Flaws and Brazen Biases Riddle Oregon JJ Study
Earlier this month, JJIE columnist John Lash devoted a long commentary to a controversial new study that is currently making waves throughout the Oregon juvenile justice system.

OP-ED: Systemic Racism Overwhelms Our Culture
The systemic racism that impacts and challenges all of our lives today is subtle. It is the result of the way our systems and perceptions are shaped (largely unconsciously) by our culture.

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