Stoneleigh Fellows Secure Federal Funding for Philadelphia

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Three fellows from the Stoneleigh Foundation have helped secure $4.2 million in new federal funding for Philadelphia.

The Stoneleigh Foundation funds the work of innovators in child welfare and juvenile justice. Much of this work focuses on preventing youth violence.

The U.S. Department of Justice awarded two grants to expand three programs areas: keeping children in school and out of court, providing job training for youth and school-based behavioral health support for at-risk boys.

The Department of Education awarded the School District of Philadelphia a five-year, $3.5 million School Climate Transformation Grant to overhaul approaches to disciplining students.

Jody Greenblatt will direct the five-year School Climate Transformation grant.

Richard Greenwald will direct the implementation of a $100,000 Department of Justice grant to expand evidence-based youth programming in that community.

Naomi Goldstein leads the evaluation of Philadelphia’s program to reduce school arrests.The Department of Justice awarded $600,000 over three years to evaluate and expand this program.

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