Latest Research on Dual Status Youth Now on Resource Hub

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A “snapshot” of current research on dual status youth, those who are in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, is now available on the JJIE Resource Hub.

In addition to the snapshot, the JJIE has many news stories and opinion columns about dual status youth and the professionals who work with them. Click on these links to learn more.

Senators Propose Grant Program to Help Dual Status Youth

Education Crucial Partner for Dual Status Youth to Improve

Better Collaboration Key to Helping Crossover Youth, Panelists Say

Collaboration, Sharing Data Key to Helping Dual Status Youth, Experts Say at Symposium

Pilot Program Giving Dual Status Youth the Trauma-Informed Care, Connections They Need

‘Dual-Status’ Kids Endure Another Kind of Double Jeopardy

Georgia Earning a Name for Juvenile Justice in a New Way

Cooperation Improves Kids’ Lives in Tribal Nation within County

Dual Status Youth – Tomorrow May Be Too Late

Ripple of Hope for Dual Status Youth


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