RFP for $75,000 Grant from Open Society Foundations

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The Open Society Foundations U.S. Drug Programs Drug Policy Project will provide $75,000 to support healthy alternatives to mass criminalization and incarceration by strengthening proactive community-driven health services and providing resources for interventions made prior to or instead of arrests in order to improve the health and safety of individuals and community well-being. We are committed to supporting programs and policy changes that will reduce the harms of risky behaviors and that do not threaten, withhold resources or treat program participants punitively because of their behaviors or choices.

To apply, organizations and entities must either wish to shift a preadjudication or prebooking program into an earlier intervention prior to arrest or are currently collaborating on an active arrest diversion program. Organizations and entities must also be ready to access the services of technical assistance experts to meet specifically identified areas of needed improvement. Be sure that these proposals cater to the needs of the community and provides clear and realistic goals for the two-year grant cycle.

The final deadline is to submit an application via Open Society Foundations is Thursday.

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