3 thoughts on “OJJDP Administrator’s Words on Racial Disparities Shock Us

  1. Articles like this are commonly premised on the belief – promoted by organizations like the Sentencing Project, arms of the federal government, and the social science community – that generally reducing incarceration rates should reduce percentage differences in incarcerations rates. Exactly the opposite is the case. See my:
    1.”The misunderstood effects of the Baltimore police consent decree,” The Daily Record (Feb. 15, 2018)
    2. “United States Exports Its Most Profound Ignorance About Racial Disparities to the United Kingdom,” Federalist Society Blog (Nov. 2, 2017)
    3. “The Pernicious Misunderstanding of Effects of Policies on Racial Differences in Criminal Justice Outcomes,” Federalist Society Blog (Oct. 12, 2017).
    4. “Racial Impact Statement Laws in New Jersey and Elsewhere,” Federalist Society Blog (Mar. 20, 2017)

  2. Such an important issue, such a troubling development. Thank you all for highlighting the concerns here.