First Season of Podcast on Immigrant Youth

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The JJIE Resource Hub staff are pleased to introduce the first season of “The Hubcast,” our new occasional podcast series. In these brief but informative episodes we will compile and present the latest facts and resources related to timely juvenile justice topics. The debut season of the Hubcast focuses on immigrant youth and the justice system and is available now on the Hub at our Snapshots page.

Like our Snapshots, which are produced in partnership with the National Juvenile Justice Network, the occasional Hubcast series allow us to share information, resources and policy directions on current juvenile justice topics that span beyond the topics covered in our main Hub sections. Season one on immigrant youth in the juvenile justice system explores over three episodes the demographics of immigrant youth, relief options, consequences that stem from system involvement, policy recommendations from experts in the field and more. 

Each episode also has a “Show Notes” link, which includes the episode transcript and a list of resources for listeners who want to learn more. Give The Hubcast a listen here and let us know what you think!

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