Analysis: What’s the Matter With Arkansas?

Why so much bad news lately from Arkansas on juvenile justice? A toxic political climate has thwarted progress to date, but momentum is building and signs suggest that meaningful improvement may be on the horizon.

Youth of Color and the Juvenile Justice System — Racial-Ethnic Fairness

Analysis: Coming Soon… A Watershed Moment on DMC

Reading through JJIE’s extensive coverage regarding racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile justice over the past month, reviewing its excellent new DMC resource hub, and scanning the available literature, it is impossible to avoid a couple of painful conclusions.

Amid Widespread Inaction on Evidence-Based Care for Troubled and Delinquent Youth, a Few States Get it Right

In a pair of feature stories published yesterday, (on Georgia’s reform efforts and issues and two young men in the system) JJIE described two modes of intensive at-home treatment that show great promise to improve outcomes for emotionally disturbed youth in the delinquency system, both of which cost far less than incarceration or treatment in a residential treatment center.