Juvenile Justice Committee Needs Your Help

Last October, I was elected chair of the FACJJ. I can tell you from personal experience that the members’ energy, wisdom and genuine concern mean that the group recommendations are supported by research, best practice and a breadth of experience in the juvenile justice field.

Interrogations Encourage False Confessions from Students

Research offers overwhelming proof that interrogations result in far more false confessions by the mentally ill, people with developmental disabilities and juveniles. Youth are impulsive and may simply believe they will be allowed to go home if they just answer the question in the way the interrogator — is requesting.

We Do Need Candidates for Change — in Justice System

Presidential politics is in full swing and while the number of candidates is being reduced, those remaining are still in the platitudes stage. You know how it goes: Each speaker states his or her faith in America, the strength and world leadership of the United States, the need to right the wrongs of past politicians, that progress must be made and that only “Change!” can save our future.