MOM on a Mission: The New Stranger Danger

“DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS”. Definitely one of the top 10 rules you instill in your child from a very young age. Looking back on my own childhood, I think of the creepy guy in a car offering candy and a ride. Boy how times have changed! When my son, Quinton, got a PlayStation gaming system for Christmas last year, I chose games carefully based on the ratings.

MOM on a Mission: The Role Model

The President, my ball coach, The Lone Ranger, and my fifth grade teacher. These are the answers I got when I asked a few people who their role models were when they were kids. It led me to think about the role models of today’s youth. More importantly, who are my son’s role models?The obvious choices relate to his interests; Josh Beckett, Cliff Lee and LeBron James. I think he would also answer that his sixth grade teacher was a great role model.

MOM on a Mission: Locking up the Nutmeg

Who moved my nutmeg? Numerous parents may find themselves asking that question this holiday season. Baking scrumptious treats laden with cinnamon and nutmeg is a favorite tradition in many households. Those of you familiar with the spice know that it can be purchased whole and grated into recipes, or pre-ground as a course, grainy powder. What in the world does this holiday cooking lesson have to do with kids, you ask?

MOM on a Mission: Caretaker, Policy Maker, Judge and Jury

Greetings. I am M.O.M. That is, I am a mother, but more specifically, I am mom on a mission.  My MOM qualifications include a Degree in Human Services with specializations in Counseling and Psychology, experience working in adolescent mental health facilities, Child Protective Services, the Juvenile Court system, and residential facilities. Not to mention I am struggling with being the mother of a 13 year old son. Struggling not because he is a troubled or difficult child, struggling because it is HARD and the stakes are HUGE.