[Photos] The Courts at “Portland’s Projects”

In one diverse community in Portland, Maine, the Kennedy Park basketball courts are a gathering space for folks of all ages, races and backgrounds in which to cooperate both in sport and community.

[Photos] Execution of a 14-Year-Old

In 1944 George Stinney Jr., age 14, was shocked to death in an electric chair that didn’t fit his small frame. He was the youngest person executed in 20th-century America.

[Photos] The Walls Come Crumbling Down

At Trenton Central High School in New Jersey, where the ceilings are literally crumbling and the auditorium is condemned, I wonder how anything gets done at all. What is it like to attend high school in a campus that is falling apart? Photographer Andrew Wilkinson examines.

[Photos] The Anonymous People

“The Anonymous People” is a film that looks at the history of the recovery movement and the anonymity that is central to 12-step programs. But it also looks at the growing movement of people in recovery who are coming out publicly to shed the stigma. Photographer Robert Stolarik documented a screening of the film in Connecticut.

[PHOTOS] The Kids for Cash Scandal

Hundreds of teens were remanded to private juvenile facilities in Luzerne County by Judge Mark Ciavarella in what has come to be known as the “Kids for Cash ” scandal.

[PHOTOS] Hurting in Harlem

Photographs inside the Harlem housing projects where police arrested 100 people this morning in the largest gang raid in NYC history.

[Photos] Grown Men Weep

A group of men calling themselves The White House Boys have banded together, unified by their time spent at a notorious Florida juvenile facility where they suffered beatings and other abuses.